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Event Sound, Lighting & More!

Making Your Event Look As Good As It Sounds...

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It's not just about the music! Production can really transform the sound, look and atmosphere of your party,

adding that extra special touch to memories, photos and videos for years to come.

That's why we pride ourselves on the gear we use, whether that's sound, lighting or staging, 

and why we are committed to the highest-quality presentation possible, to make your party unforgettable.


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Sound System

2x Alto Professional TS315
2x Alto Professional TS318S

The new Alto Professional Truesonic TS3 Series does everything PPB demands of them! They are high-performance in every sense: Their new transducers and amplifiers enable them to play extremely loud and clear, without compromise or restriction. And they are “high-performance” from a concept and manufacturing standpoint — Alto made sure that every aspect of their design outperformed what it had to do. The end result are loudspeakers that achieve a level of excellence and refinement that defies expectations. The subwoofers provide additional low-frequency output and “punch", resulting in a system with stunning wide-range response characterised by dramatic, impactful low frequencies and effortless, undistorted mids and highs. Everything is audible with perfect clarity, from the lowest bass synth tones to the highest percussion bells and everything in between. 

Read more about our TS315 speakers here and our TS318S speakers here.

When possible, we use in-ear monitoring systems, ensuring that the stage is as quiet as possible.

This ensures the best possible mix for you, our audience!


Our Alto Professional PA System, along with our state-of-the-art wireless Behringer XR18 Air Mixer, are our constant companions.

They are provided as standard with any package you choose. Read more about our packages from the link below!

Lighting Packages

Lighting Details

We pride ourselves on our lighting set-up; all in-house, bespoke arrangements that are designed to make us, and your event sparkle.

We offer various lighting packages in order to cater to different size venues and budgets, ensuring that no matter the party, we will light it up!

Full Lighting Rig

As included in our
'Standard Party Package'

2x Illuminated Podiums
Illunimated 'PPB' Lettering
6x LED Par 64 Cans
2x Spotlights
2x 60 Watt Cree LED Moving Head Spotlights

Premium Lighting Rig

As included in our
'Platinum Package'

4x Illuminated Podiums
Illunimated 'PPB' Lettering
6x LED Par 64 Cans
4x Spotlights
2x 60 Watt Cree LED Moving Head Spotlights
2x 60 Watt Cree LED Moving Head Wash Lights

Read more about our packages,

and how to book them, from the link below!

Ambient Lighting Rig

As included in our
'Acoustic Package'

Illunimated 'PPB' Lettering
6x LED Par 64 Cans


Whilst we don't yet own our own staging, we have experience working with numerous different companies who can provide high-quality staging packages suitable for any event. From simple dance floor provision to full stage with risers, we can source it all from reputable providers.

We can discuss with you exactly what staging arrangements you would like, ensuring the dimensions of the space, the band,

and our sound and lighting equipment is taken into full consideration.

Then sit back and let us directly liaise with our staging provider to design the ultimate production for your party!

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